About Me

I was one of those people that always wanted kids. I started working with kids at an early age and despite all my experience, education and training on the topic (see my credentials below), I was surprised at how...hmm... intense being a mom was! And the kicker? Whenever I shared my experience with other parents, including my own, they would nod their heads with that "I know, right?" look on their face. You mean every parent was going through the same sh*t?! Why hadn't anyone told me?!?!?! Why weren't more people talking about it? It felt like a giant secret that you were only privy to by experiencing it yourself. And I get that because 1) how do you describe to someone who sleeps 8 solid hours a night what exhaustion feels like and how it impacts your behaviour, and 2) those naive, well-rested souls will smile politely and think it won't happen to them (that used to be me).

At the same time no one can describe that feeling when your child laughs for the first time, when your kids play together, the hugs, the snuggles, the conversations, the stories, the playing, singing, goodbyes and hellos. Everything that makes it so worth it.

So, I decided two things. First, I created an online platform called The Parent Experience. Check it out. Secondly, for you, I want to be the person I wish I had. Someone who will hold space for you, to support you during the lows, help you realize your goals and priorities, to increase your awareness of your strengths and help you realize all that you have already accomplished. Someone to guide you through the crazy transition into parenthood, into adding another child to the family, through the relationship struggles, how to juggle going back to work, the lonely feelings, the conflicts in identity, the guilt over not living up to your own expectations, the mom-shame. Should I go on? 

As a trained Positive Psychology Coach, I use interventions and techniques that are backed by science. I know your time and energy are limited so it would make sense that what we do together is actually effective and actually makes an impact on your life. I became a Positive Psychology Coach because it focuses on well-being. And for moms, as much as it gets neglected, your well-being will be the foundation for being the parent you want to be, balancing the demands of life, and, well, sometimes it means just being able to get through the day. 

Want to know more? I offer a no-cost (and of course no-obligation) introductory session as an opportunity to get to know me to see if we are a good fit. I'd love to answer any questions you may have! Just click here.


  • Mother of two sweet hooligans (the most important cred of all)

  • Over 10 years of experience working with (and studying topics about) children and families

  • Bachelor of Arts Specialized Honours Degree in Psychology, York University

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach, Acorn Coaching Academy

  • The Science of Well-Being, Yale University

  • Member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association

  • TPE gold and black circle

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